• Contact Management: How do I update a company's founded year?

    Update a company's founded year

    There may come a time when you need to update a company's founded date.
    You can do this in back office by following these simple steps.

    1. Navigate to contact management and find the company you wish to amend.
    2. In the Organisation section Click edit.
    3. After selecting Edit you will now be able to change the Founded Date.
    4. After selecting the required date click save.
  • Opera Report or Document Layout Wrong

    After an Opera upgrade, some reports or documents may have the wrong layouts.

    This is a known issue with Opera upgrades. If default report or document layouts have been changed, some of these changes will get overwritten by an upgrade. A backup of the Opera reports directory MUST be made prior to any upgrade (default location for this is \\[server]\server vfp static and dynamic\reports). This directory contains in excess of 2,000 files, many of which are form layouts used by Opera and therefore a blanket overwrite from old to new will probably break Opera. You must therefore find out which file name you need first.

    To get the file name:

    1. Log in to Opera as the ADMIN user
    2. Switch to the affected company (use company Z if the document which has an issue would affect the nominal ledger, such as an invoice. If this isn't possible, proceed with caution and under guidance from the Finance team)
    3. Run the report or document type that you need (get information from the end user to find out how and where to run this)
    4. Publish the report to screen
    5. The report designer will pop up in layout mode (if it doesn't then you've not logged in as ADMIN)
    6. Make a note of the file name from the title bar of the report designer (don't worry about the frx extension)
    7. Close the report designer and then also close the resulting report
    8. Exit Opera

    To replace the file:

    1. Ensure nobody (including you) is using Opera
    2. In explorer, navigate to the current reports directory
    3. Find the affected files and rename both of them - each report has an frt and frx file
    4. Copy the corresponding files over from your backed-up copies. If you're prompted to overwrite anything then don't - check that you've renamed the new versions and you're copying over the correct files

    If you're copying over company-specific layouts (such as purchase orders), you may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 for each company. To identify these types of files, Opera prefixes them with the company letter and an underscore: the default purchase order layout is POOR.frx/POOR.frt but a specific layout for Best Companies is G_POOR.frx/G_POOR.frt

    Now test by re-running the report in Opera

  • "Duplicate headers received from server" - Known Issue with Google Chrome

    When trying to download certain files from the website using Google's Chrome browser, you may receive a "Duplicate headers received from server" error like the one shown in the image below:


    This error is caused by a comma in the filename of the file you are trying to download.  Some of the files that Back Office generates for users to download use the company name as part of the filename.  If the company name contains commas and if the code to produce a particular file doesn't do anything with the commas when using it as the filename, users will get the error above when trying to download it.

    This issue was noticed when downloading the PDF version of the Company Questionnaire from Contact Management.  It has since been fixed in this particular instance by removing the commas from the filename, but there may be other places where this has not been dealt with. 


  • PowerPoint Image Resizer Doesn't Start

    PowerPoint Image Resizer Doesn't Start

    If the graphic resizer add-in (from PPTools.com) doesn't load (message is that the add-in can't be found or is disabled), there are a couple of workarounds:

    Workaround 1

    1. Close and restart PowerPoint
    2. Re-open the presentation (which sometimes doesn't work, hence workaround 2)

    Workaround 2

    1. In PowerPoint, click File
    2. Click Options
    3. Click Add-Ins
    4. Select PowerPoint Add-ins in the Manage box and click Go
    5. Click Add New...
    6. Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPTools and select RnR_StarterSet
    7. Click Open - it should now appear in the add-in list
    8. Click Close


    Re-installing the add-in will also temporarily fix this issue, albeit in the same way as workaround 2

  • Eligibility pop-up appears when Accreditation or List is already in basket

    This known issue occurs when both List and Accreditation surveys have been added to the basket and one of them is removed. If you try and re-add the survey you have removed, the eligibility pop-up will reappear and ask you to confirm eligibility requirements before progressing.

    The eligibility form should already be populated with the information you previously supplied, so you should be able to submit the form as normal to progress.

  • Copying text from MS Word into Cute Editor

    When you copy text from Microsoft Word it generates its own HTML code. This is not safe HTML which means it can appear formatted differently when used in another text editor such as cute editor on our website.

    The safest way to copy text from MS Word into Cute Editor is outlined in THIS article.

    The HTML can also be directly edited in the HTML tab of cute editor.

    If you look out for HTML tags that are inconsistent e.g. If you see 'Times New Roman' where everywhere else you see 'Verdana', these tags can be removed or updated directly. 

    An example of this is shown below:


    The font-family can be changed from Times New Roman to Verdana by replacing the font-family in the image above with the font-family in the image below

  • Starting Lync Meetings in the Lync Client

    To ensure that the Lync client is used automatically when Chrome is the default browser:

    1. Add the IE Tab extension to Chrome (ensure it's the one from ietab.net)
    2. When installed, click on the icon for it in the Chrome toolbar
    3. Click the 'Change Auto URLs...' button
    4. Under Auto URLs, enter https://meet.* and click Add
  • WIT: I have published a WIT presentation but not received it. Why is this?

    If you have logged into WIT as the demo company, created a PP presentation and not received it, this is because the demo account is registered to the email address support@bestcompanies.co.uk, so in this instance the email containing the presentation will have been sent to that mailbox, rather than your own.

  • WIT: Why is the survey year wrong on the engagement scores chart in WIT?

    The survey name on this chart is based on the publish year for the survey and not the survey name.

    Can I override this?

    Yes, you can override the survey year in back office by following these steps.

    1. In back office navigate to the WIT section.
    2. Under the heading 'Processes' select Manage Survey Name Overrides.
    3. Click Select organisation.
    4. Search for the company you would like to override and click confirm.
    5. From the list select the survey to update.
    6. You will now see a box that shows any current overrides.
    7. Click edit.
    8. Fill out the fields with the override details (note: short name is limited to 6 characters).
    9. Click save.

  • WIT: Why can I not click into employment groups on WIT?

    The most likely reason you will not be able to click into an employment group within a chart or table in WIT is if the employment group you are clicking has no children.

    You can check the employment group structure by following these steps:

    1. Open the filter menu.

    2. Click the Add/Remove button.

    3. If the employment group appears with a '+' or '-' sign next to it then it has child employment groups that can be clicked into.

  • WIT: My client purchased a WIT Pack but doesn't have access, what can I do?

    If you have a client who has purchased a WIT Pack but can only access the Basic Data, the chances are that the client is running a BCI Survey alongside their Accreditation entry.

    To grant your client access to all of their data in WIT, you just need to copy the assigned rights from the Accreditation survey to the BCI Survey.

    In order to do this, you can go into Back Office | WIT | Rights Assignment, and choose the survey and the client that is not able to view all data. The page in front of you should look like the one pictured below (there may be a few rights already assigned in some cases, but in general the rights should be empty).

    As you can see highlighted in the image, there is a check box at the top of the Survey Features section. All you need to do is put a tick in this check box, add a note and then click the 'Link' button (both at the bottom of the Survey Features section).

    When the 'Link' button is clicked the page will reload and the newly assigned rights will be listed as check boxes in the top section of the page, titled with the clients name. At the bottom of the page a message will be displayed informing you that the rights have been copied over to the selected survey.

    And that's it, your client should now be able to log into WIT and view all of their data!

  • WIT: Why does the order of the 15 most highly correlated questions differ in WIT depending on how they are viewed?

    In the Executive Summary in WIT, two of the slides highlight the 15 most correlated questions for that company survey. However, even though they show the same 15 questions, the orders in which they display them in are different. The reason for this is explained here.

    The Most Highly Correlated Questions (slide 5 in the Executive Summary) is ordered in correlation order, with the question with the highest correlation value at the top.

    The Most Correlated Questions Heatmap (slide 7 in the Executive Summary) is ordered by Question Score. This is done mainly for presentational reasons. In the heatmap (see below), you will see that the vertical axis labelled Question Score goes from highest at the top to lowest at the bottom. This gives the heatmap a nice diagonal sloping appearance (top-right to bottom-left).

    If it was ordered by Correlation Value like in the list of the Most Highly Correlated Questions slide, the Question Score axis would all over the place, with the values in this column not following any kind of numerical order at all. This would most likely cause confusion to people looking at the chart because of the non-sequential values and the widths and positions of the individual bars not following any order.

    For example, in the attached heatmap, if it was ordered by correlation value, the first few Question Scores would be as follows:

    • 4.44 (I think I have a positive future ahead of me in this organisation)
    • 4.41 (I have confidence in the leadership skills of the senior management team)
    • 4.59 (My manager cares about how satisfied I am in my job)
    • 4.67 (I love working for this organisation)
    • 4.81 (I would leave tomorrow if I had another job)
    • 4.99 (I am excited about where this organisation is going)
    • 5.23 (My manager takes an active interest in my wellbeing)
    • 4.35 (I feel proud to work for this organisation)
    • etc.

    As you can see, the values on the axis would no longer be in numerical order and the heatmap would no longer have a nice diagonal slope, making it look untidy.

    Incidentally, all heatmaps in WIT are ordered in the same way by Question Score.

  • WIT: It works for me but not when my client tries: Internet Explorer's Compatibility Settings

    Odd Behaviour in WIT and Other BC Websites and Applications: Internet Explorer's Compatibility Settings

    If you receive an email or call from your client detailing odd behaviour in any of our websites and applications, it's always worth checking if they are using Internet Explorer's 'Compatibility View' as this can sometimes have a detrimental effect on minor functionality on our websites.

    To do this:

    1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Tools menu (this looks like a cog in the right hand corner)
    2. Select Compatibility View Settings
    3. If bestcompanies.co.uk is already listed, that will need to be removed.

    If unsure, you can always run through these steps on your computer to check if this is the cause of the issue and undo the changes afterwards.

    If there is still an issue and going through the above hasn't made a difference, please raise a ticket so we can check out what's going on and get a fix applied.

  • WIT: Why are the list ranks not being shown in WIT for the latest survey?

    When going into the Preferences page of WIT and the List Position is blank for the latest survey (like in the screen shot below), this is usually due to the survey not having been published.

    However, if the list results have been published and the rank is still not appearing, then this will be down to the "WIT Ranks and Benchmarks" Survey Key Date for the list survey entry still being set to some date in the future. It is this key date which determines whether or not the list positions are shown in WIT.

  • WIT: Unable to access old WIT through clients page?

    If you are struggling to access WIT when on the clients page, but can enter it through WIT website, it is probably due to the fact that a company can only have rights to use either old WIT or new WIT. In other words you will not be able to use both because you only have access to one type of WIT.

  • WIT: Why can't I navigate to lower-level employment groups in a Comparison Table in WIT?

    When viewing comparison tables in WIT, you may find that you are unable to drill down into an employment group, even if you know that the bottom-level employment groups are comparable.

    Take the below comparison table as an example:

    This table is showing the level 2 groups underneath "Adult Social Care and Health". The first two groups cannot be drilled into any further. This could be because they are bottom-level employment groups, in which case, there is no further you can go with it.

    However, in this instance, "Early Intervention and Prevention - Adults" has some child employment groups (level 3), each of them having children as well (level 4). The level 4 employment groups have been mapped with the previous survey, but the level 3 groups, which provide a stepping stone between levels 2 and 4, do not have any mappings, so there is no way of getting from level 2 to level 4.

    The way to fix this would be to provide mappings for the level 3 employment groups, which can be done using the following Back Office page:

    Back Office -> Survey - Processes -> Year-on-Year Employment Group Mapping

  • WIT: Why do I receive an error when trying to open a WIT presentation from link?

    When you receive the email telling you that "your WIT presentation has been published", you may have experienced an issue trying to open the presentation when clicking on the link and selecting to "Open" the presentation from the popup shown below:

    If it is Internet Explorer that you are using, the chances are that when you click on "Open", PowerPoint will try to open the file but fail, showing an error message like the one below rather than the presentation:

    This is an issue with Internet Explorer. It has trouble trying to save files like this from a web address that starts with "https" to its Temporary Internet Files folder on your computer (which is where it tries to automatically save the file when you choose the "Open" option).

    If you do experience this issue, you can still get access to your presentation by saving the file to your computer first, using either the "Save" or the "Save as" option, then opening up the presentation from your computer. PowerPoint should have no trouble opening it then.

  • WIT: Adding A WIT Account For A Client

    If your client has purchased additional WIT Accounts, you can add them in by following these steps:

    • Open Back Office | WIT | Rights Assignment
    • Select the Survey and Clients from the drop down lists
    • After a little while, you will see the number of WIT accounts assigned to this client
    • Update the number of WIT Accounts to the number you require (eg add 1 to the existing number if 1 extra account has been purchased)
    • Add a note to the notes box in that section
    • Click the Update button

    Once this has completed, you will see a message appear under the Update button informing you that the number of WIT Accounts has been changed for this client.

    Now you are ready to assign the WIT Account to a client account. You can do this in Back Office | Contact Management

    • Once in the client's profile scroll down to WIT Details
    • In this section you will see a header WIT Accounts, which will have any already assigned accounts listed
    • Underneath these accounts you will see a Create New WIT Account link, click it
    • You will be shown a drop down list containing accounts that can be assigned WIT Access for this client, find the account you want to assign access to and click the Submit button to the right of the list

  • Questionnaire: What are the restrictions when uploading files to the Organisation Questionnaire?

    As of the 2015 Organisation Questionnaire the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 15mb.

    The format of the file that the client uploads should be something easy for us to view, preferably a generic file format such as: mp4, pdf, jpg, png, doc, txt e.t.c.

    The client should not upload program specific file formats such as photoshop files / psd, dpe e.t.c. as we won't be able to easily open them.

  • Questionnaire: How To Update Employee Headcounts

    There may come a time when you need to update the employee headcounts for a company (e.g. an extra employee is added to a survey after survey setup has been completed). The employee headcounts can be updated in the following way:

    - Go to Back Office -> Survey -> Processes -> Edit Employee Headcounts

    - Select the correct Survey/Size/Company combination from the drop-downs

    - Update whichever value needs updating

    - Press Submit

    The headcount values will now be updated and will be used when pre-populating the Company Questionnaire.

  • Contact Management: The Accreditation and Sunday Times Fields

    The 'Accreditation' and 'List' sections in the 'Survey Status' panel within 'Contact Management' relate to the same year process as the survey you are looking at.

    For example if you are looking at 'BCI Survey 2015' the 'Yes' fields mean that the company also took part in 'Accreditation 2015' or 'List 2015.'

    These fields exist separately for each years process and do not automatically adjust to reflect the in-process surveys.

  • Back Office: What happens when I use the Edit Registration page?

    When you use the edit registration page in back office and make any changes that could have affected the price a company has paid or the way they go through the process (head counts, additional surveys, surveys entered to name a few) the page will cancel the original order and create a complete new order for registration.

  • Registration: How do we decide who receives the 'New Registration Received' emails?

    On completing registration, we send an email to the client, and a second email to the Client Engagement team. This email contains information about the client, such as their headcount and whether they are Premium Support.

    If they are Premium Support, they will go to the Premium Support contact defined in backoffice, on Survey Processes > Registration Default Contacts:

    If not, they will go either to smallteam@b.co.uk, midteam@b.co.uk or bigteam@b.co.uk.

    So far, so simple. However, if a company opts for a Recognise survey in a different size to their BCI survey, the system will favour the Recognise size when deciding who to send the email to do.

    For example, if a company opts for a BCI survey with 320 employees (a mid), and a list survey where only 240 employees are eligible, the system will send the 'New Registration Received' email to smallteam@b.co.uk, rather than midteam@b.co.uk .

  • Registration: Why has a new registration created a new company rather than linking it to an existing company?

    The company that a new company survey registration gets linked to really depends on the user doing the registering.

    If it is an existing user already in our system, then the new registration will be linked to the company that they are already associated with.

    If it is a new user who is making the registration, then their first step is to click on the "Register" link on the main www.b.co.uk website to set themselves up as a new user. This process will always create a new company record in our database, even if the company name that they enter during this first registration step matches an existing one.

    At this stage, because we don't recognise who the user is, we can't just assume that the company name they entered refers to an existing company that we already have in the database. It would be far easier to merge two companies afterwards than it would be to split one in two because they have been incorrectly linked together based on them having the same name.

    If you have two companies that you believe are the same and need merging together, please click here for an article that describes how to do this.

  • Back Office: Why is my company not appearing on the edit registration page?

    Companies will only appear on the 'Edit Registration Options' page if the dashboard step 'Complete entry payment' has been completed.

    Dashboard steps can be checked in 'Contact Management' by going to the 'Dashboard' panel and selecting 'Show Hidden Steps'.

    If the 'Complete entry payment' step is greyed out and shouldn't be, please raise a ticket and the dashboard steps can be updated manually.

  • Back Office: How Do I Add Accreditation and/or List to a Client's Registration Order?

    If a client has completed registration with only the BCI survey having been added to their order, but decide that they also want to do Accreditation and/or the Sunday Times List as well, this can easily be sorted by using the newly-updated Edit Company Registration Options in Back Office.

    To do this:

    • Go to Back Office -> Survey -> Processes -> Edit Company Registration Options
    • Select the relevant survey (this will most likely be the BCI survey for that year) and company from the drop-down lists. The cleint's current registration options will be shown on the screen.
    • Scroll down to the Recognise section and select the extra surveys that need to be added to this client.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Confirm button. You may need to choose the client's "Participation Details" (e.g. "Single Entity") before it will allow you to proceed.

    This will cancel the old order and create a new one with all of the correct survey options added to it. Emails will be sent to the client to say that their old order has been cancelled, and another email to say that the new one has been created.

  • Contact Management: How do I update a company's founded year?

    Update a company's founded year

    There may come a time when you need to update a company's founded date.
    You can do this in back office by following these simple steps.

    1. Navigate to contact management and find the company you wish to amend.
    2. In the Organisation section Click edit.
    3. After selecting Edit you will now be able to change the Founded Date.
    4. After selecting the required date click save.
  • Contact Management: How do I update an order status/cancel it?

    Updating/Cancelling an order

    There may come a time when you need to update the status of an order or cancel it.
    You can do this in back office by following these simple steps.

    1. Navigate to contact management and find the company with the order you wish to amend.
    2. In the Purchase History section find the correct order and click details
    3. At the bottom select the option to edit the order.
    4. After selecting Edit you will now be able to change the order status.
    5. After selecting the required options scroll down to the bottom add a note if required and click save.
  • MC³: New! Adding a Custom Welcome Message for Clients

    There is new feature for the MC³ Portal that will now allow personalised messages to be displayed for organisations after a user log-in.

    You will be able to add these custom messages in Back-Office => MC³ (processes) => Manage MC³ Portal Access, where you will find a new section 'Custom Company Survey Message for MC³ Portal'.

    Here you will be able to:

    • Add a message on behalf of a company for a specific survey by adding text and clicking 'Update'.
    • Remove the message simply by deleting the text from the text box and clicking 'Update'.

    This feature is free for all MC³ customers to use - although it's important to remember that clients will not have direct access to this feature, and will have to send their custom messages to us so we can add the personalised messages for them.

  • MC³: Issues Using in Google Chrome

    Unfortunately Google have decided to stop supporting Silverlight which is the tool we have written our MC³ portal in. This means that the MC³ portal will no longer work in Google Chrome.

    It does still work in Internet Explorer and Safari (for now). We are looking to re-develop the MC³ portal in a language that will work across all browsers, and will update when this progresses.

    The same issue will affect other tools and sites written in Silverlight such as Sky Player (the tool used for watching Sky TV online).

    More information on Google cutting Silverlight support in Chrome can be found here;

    GOOGLE IS MOVING ahead with plans to kill off support for Microsoft Silverlight in its Chrome browser. The Microsoft runtime depends on an ageing plug-in protocol called Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), for which Google is currently phasing out support in its browser.

  • Hardware: My laptop fan goes fast making a noise and gets very warm

    If your computer fan starts going very fast and making a loud noise it’s possible that Windows is applying some updates. When this happens on a laptop or Surface used in meetings it can be very distracting meaning you may be unable to use the device at that time.

    Windows updates are dowloaded and applied automatically by our network policy. This gives you very little control over when and where you can use your computer if noise is an issue.

    To see if Windows updates may be the cause of the issue, right click on your Task Bar at the bottom of your screen and select Task Manager. Once in there, in the Processes tab, if 'Windows Modules Installer Worker’ is using a high percentage of your CPU, then Windows updates may be a cause.

    I found this, and a suggested fix from this article;


    If this is your issue you can create a ticket to speak with Innovation about possibly making your updates more manual on your computer. As we need updates to come down to stay secure, you should not stop them all together, but you can have the computer download them and then prompt you to install them giving you more control over when your computer goes under pressure.