• Back Office: How Can I Switch a Company's List From Private to Not For Profit After Registration?

    There is an Upsell Routine in 'Back office -> Survey Processes -> Upsell Routines' which will allow you to switch between Private and Not For Profit list (or vice versa).

    You can find it at the bottom of the page where you will need to select the current source survey and the survey you want to replace it with. Below you will see what the section looks like on your screen.

  • Software: Can I request holidays on behalf of other people in the Holiday Request application?

    If you are a Manager, then you will have access to a feature which will enable you to to select the members of staff you are managing from a drop down menu which appears when you start the application (as below). In some cases, certain Managers will have access to add holidays for any member of staff.

    If you are not a manager, you will not have access to this feature, so will only be able to request a holiday for yourself through the application.

  • Back Office: How are registration orders displayed in an order?

    Now that all companies will have to register for BCI (2016 onwards) and then opt for Accreditation and the Sunday Times List, there has been a change in the way the orders will be displayed in back office.

    You will now find that BCI, Accreditation and STL registration orders will now appear on the same order line (As shown below).

  • Software: How to use CamStudio

    CamStudio is a nice simple tool for screen recording with audio which is ideal for recording short demos

    There are a few options that should be set before use:

    • Region - set to whatever's needed (the smaller the area, the better)
    • Options - turn on 'Record audio from microphone'
    • Options | Audio Options | Audio Options for Microphone:
      • Change the 'Recording Format' to '22.05 kHz, stereo, 16-bit'
      • Click 'Choose Compressed Format'
      • Set the Format to 'Microsoft ADPCM'
    • If you want to specify where the recording gets saved, go to Options | Program Options | Directory for recording | Use user specified directory...

    Due to a limit to the file size, the above settings should give a recording time of approximately 30 minutes for a full screen recording on a widescreen monitor.

    To use CamStudio:

    1. To start the recording, click the record button (red circle) (don't forget to set your required options)
    2. To finish recording, click the stop button (blue square)

    CamStudio will compress and save the video file and then play it back to you using your default media player

  • Contact Management: How do I see which demographics a company has omitted?

    You can view the demographics that a company has omitted by following the steps below:

    1. Go to Back Office > Contact Management.

    2. Enter the name of the company you wish to view.

    3. Select you company from the list that appears below.

    4. Scroll down to the 'Survey Setup' panel.

    5. Select the survey you wish to view.

    6. If the company survey selected has omitted some demographics a 'Show' link will appear next to 'Omitted Demographics'. Click this Link.

    7. A pop-out window will appear with a list of the demographics that a company has omitted for this survey.

    When you are finished, you can click 'Close' to close the pop-up and return to the main window.

  • Contact Management: How do I update the number of leavers?

    You may at some point need to update the number of leavers for a company, for example, if the pre-populated total employees minus leavers value in the Company Questionnaire doesn't match what the client entered, etc.

    Provided distribution has been completed for the company survey, you can update the number of leavers in Contact Management in the following way:

    • Find the company you want in Contact Management.
    • In the "Survey Status" box, make sure the correct survey is selected and click the "Edit" link near the bottom of the page.

    • The "Leavers" value will become editable. Enter the new value for the number of leavers and click on the "Save" link.

    • The number of leavers will now be updated.

    Please note that the number of leavers can only be edited in this way once the surveys have been distributed for that company. If distribution has not yet taken place, the Leavers value will remain non-editable.

  • Back Office: How do I find the Survey Range that I have created?

    If you have created a survey range and cannot remember the Survey Numbers of the range you can use the Following page: https://secure.bestcompanies.co.uk/BackOffice/SurveyProcesses/ManagePaperSurveyRange.aspx

    This page can be accessed by going to Back Office > Processes > Manage Paper Survey Ranges.

    Here is a step by step guide to finding your survey range:

    Step 1: Select Back Office > Processes

    Step 2: Click Manage Paper Survey Ranges

    Step 3: Expand Create Survey Range

    Step 4: Select the Survey Range that your surveys were under

    Step 5: Enter the company name that the survey range was created for

    Step 6: Scroll down the table until you see the company name, if this is correct check the date is consistent with when your range was created. Then check that the type of survey is correct e.g. Hybrid.

    Step 7: The survey range is on the right hand side.

  • Back Office: How do I order the year on year employment group mappings for multiple years?

    You can map year on year employment groups in 'Back Office -> Survey Processes -> Year On Year Employment Group Mappings', but one thing you should be aware of when doing this is that you must complete this in order of oldest entry first up to the newest one.

    For example, you may need to map employment groups for Accreditation from the current entry (2015) back to a companies first Accreditation entry (2011). Since the newest entries appear first in the drop down lists, it is all too easy to map these first. This can cause issues in WIT, where you will not be able to see year on year comparisons between say 2015 and 2013. Instead you might only see a comparison between 2015 & 2014.

    For this reason, you will need to map the groups in the following order:

    2011 - 2012

    2012 - 2013

    2013 - 2014

    2014 - 2015

  • Back Office: Update to Employment Group Spreadsheet and Return Rates Page

    Following a recent review of the response rate data we give clients, it has been decided that it is okay to let clients know if they have zero responses for an employment group.

    Based on this we have made a system enhancement to the clients 'My Account' page where users can download the Employment Groups Data and also the back office page Back Office | Survey | Reports and Tools | Return Rates that BC users have access to internally.

    Any employment groups with no responses will now display 0 rather than an asterisk, with 1-5 responses displaying an asterisk, as before.

  • Back Office: Can I amend which employment group level an employee survey is set to?

    For example, if your client has realised that employees have been classified incorrectly at employment group level 3 and they should be in another employment group level, you might be able to make this change via the back office page (Back Office -> Survey -> Reports & Tools -> Employee Survey details).

    Note: access to this page may be limited to Management only and anonymity rules must be adhered to before making any changes.

  • Back Office: Why is there no headcount or response percentage on the Employment Group Response Rates report?

    When exporting the Employment Group Response Rates report you may notice there is no headcount or response percentage shown.
    This is because the company has not surveyed all employees making a response percentage based on headcount irrelevant so the generator hides these columns.

  • Best Companies Website: What to do if you Experience Errors Selecting a Company on the Admin User Dashboard

    When using the new Admin User Dashboard to log in as a client (using the blue box on the left), you may on occasion encounter an error like the one shown below:

    This error seems to happen if you have Back Office and/or Contact Management open at the same time in other tabs in your internet browser. It doesn't seem to like it if you are logged in as a client in Back Office then try to log in as a different client on the Admin User Dashboard.

    If you experience this error, the best way to fix it is to do the following:

    1. Go to the tab where you have Back Office office open and log out. You will be taken to the login page.
    2. Close down the tab that you have the Admin User Dashboard open in, and any other tabs that you might have any Back Office / Contact Management based pages open in.
    3. Log back into the system from the main login page.
    4. Try using the Client Dashboard control again to select the company you require.

    The error should hopefully not happen this time around.

    This didn't work what else can I try?

    This error can also be caused by the company's legal status not being set.

    Find the company in contact management and for all of the surveys they are registering for check they have a legal status if not then simply set it to the relevant status and try and log in again.

  • Best Companies Website: Why Is Last Year's Accreditation Logo Still Appearing On This Year's Dashboard?

    The Accreditation Logo control on the My Account page is set up to show the most recent Accreditation rating that was awarded to that company, regardless of which dashboard you are looking at. This is shown in the image below:

    For example, if a company was last accredited in 2015, then when viewing their latest 2016 survey dashboard, the accreditation logo that is shown will be their 2015 accreditation status. Similarly with any older surveys, the 2015 accreditation logo will still be shown when viewing a company's 2014 dashboard.

  • Best Companies Website: The New Admin User Dashboard

    We now have a new Admin User Dashboard when you log in to the Best Companies secure website. This new dashboard should make it easier to find where you want to go after you log in.

    The Admin User Dashboard

    When you first log in to the secure site as an admin user you are greeted with the new Dashboard shown above. The dashboard gives you three options; you can either log in to the Client Dashboard, go to the Back Office or log out of the secure website.

    Client Dashboard

    The blue panel allows you to log in to the Client Dashboard (to access the new Registration process etc.) as a company. You simply need to type the name of the company you wish to look for, click on the blue search button (), select the desired company from the list of results below and click the ‘log in’ button.

    Back Office

    The red panel allows you to log into the Best Companies Back Office system. Simply click on the ‘go‘ button in this panel and a new tab/window will open with the Back Office site.

    Log Out Button

    The ‘log out’ button at the bottom of the page logs you out of the dashboard and returns you to the Best Companies log in page.

    If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new Admin User dashboard please feel free to leave a comment below.

  • Back Office: How can I remove or change one of the correlated question statements from a client's profile?

    If you receive a request from a company to remove/change one of the statements from their profile as they feel at a first glance it looks negative, you can select another question to show instead. To do this:

    1. Go to Back Office > Survey > Processes > Manage/Edit Profiles (where we type the profiles up).
    2. Enter the Survey/Size/Company combination in the 3 drop-downs at the top of the page.
    3. Scroll down the page until you see the Factor Question Scores heading (it's just underneath the Factor Rankings table).
    4. Choose the Factor which the question you want to change belongs to. The questions relating to this factor will then appear like in the screen-shot below:

    5. The question(s) that is published will have a tick in the Published column. Click on the Edit link next to the question you no longer want to be published. The page will be refreshed and that question will then become editable.
    6. Un-tick the Published question and click on Update.
    7. Next, click on the Edit link for the question you want to be published instead.
    8. Tick the Published box for this question and click on Update.

    The new question will now be published instead of the original one.

  • Best Companies Website: Why are the BCI Scores not being shown on the Guide, the App or the Public Website?

    If the Company Profile articles have been published for a particular year's Accreditation survey, but the BCI scores are not being shown, then chances are, the "BCI Scores Published" Survey Key Date is some time in the future.

    This can be checked by going to Back Office -> Survey -> Processes -> Set Key Dates and selecting the relevant survey. Please make sure that the "Combine Surveys" check box is not ticked, as this particular key date doesn't show when the surveys are combined.

  • Contact Management: How do I update a Company's website URL on their profile page?

    This is actually something you can change yourself using Contact Management in Back Office.

    1. Go to Back Office -> Contact Management and search for the name of the company.
    2. In the box titled 'Organisation', click on the 'Edit' link. The text boxes will now be editable.
    3. Enter the new link into the text box labelled 'URL'. Don't forget the 'http://' bit at the beginning.
    4. Press 'Save'.

    The company's website link will then be updated to the new value the company profile page and the list/accreditation pages on the Public website.

  • Best Companies Website: Taking Advantage of the Sign-up Tracking Feature

    Being in an age where all data is useful, we have recently introduced a new tracking feature to the public website that will allow us to gather some information on where our new customers are coming from. In other words, how did a registering customer get to the sign up page on the public website. (e.g. from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

    Currently, we can use links on social media, websites or emails that direct new customers to the Register page on b.co.uk. The URL in the link would consist of that shown in the screen shot below :

    The new tracking feature will require us to adjust the URLs in the links according to where the link is. So for example, If we currently have a link on our twitter page directing people to the register page, then we can alter the URL embedded in the link to contain the query string '?redirectsrc=twitter' . The URL will now be as shown below

    Upon registering on the sign-up page, we will then store details linking that customer's account with where they have come from. This will happen if they are new or existing customers, and can therefore be useful in identifying where our customers are coming from, helping us in terms of future marketing and advertising campaigns.

    To sum up;

    • Add '?redirectsrc=' after 'signup' in the URL.
    • Then add the name of the source (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Email). Some sort of consistency will have to be agreed in terms of source naming. otherwise the same source could have different names.

    Please feel free to comment below with any questions.

  • Back Office: Search by Order Number on the View Orders Page

    The View Orders page in Back Office (Back Office -> Orders -> View Orders) now has a new Order Number field that you can use to search for a specific order number, as shown in the screen shot below:

    You can enter just the numeric part of the order number (e.g. "12345") or the whole thing (e.g. "ORD-2012-12345"). Just remember to leave all of the other search fields as blank or "All" (in the case of the drop-down boxes) so that you are just searching for the order number by itself.

    For example, if you enter an order number but leave the Order Status drop-down box as the default value of "Created", then unless the order number you entered has a status of "Created", no orders will be returned.

  • Back Office: How do I reset a colleagues password?

    Resetting a colleagues password can be done on the secure website following the steps below:

    1. Log-In to the secure website.
    2. Go to: Back Office > General > Manage Accounts

    3. Select your colleagues name in the 'Account to edit' drop-down menu and click the 'Edit' button.
    4. Scroll down to the 'Change Password' section.

    5. Set a password by typing it into the 'Password:' and 'Re-type Password' boxes and click update.

    Alternatively, check the 'Random password' checkbox.

    6. Click the 'Update' button. The new password will now be emailed to the account holder.

  • Survey: Why is a company a different size in one survey than they are in another?

    Sometimes, you may encounter a scenario where a company is showing in Back Office as one size for one survey and a different size for another survey from the same year. An example of this is shown below:

    Here, the company is classed as a Mid for the BCI entry and a Small for the Accreditation and/or List entry.

    The reason for this is down to the eligibility rules for the different types of survey. BCI surveys can be used to measure all employees in the company, whereas Accreditation and List surveys can only be used to measure UK-based employees.

    In the example here, the company has around 300 employees in total, spread over various office locations in different countries. 200 of them are based in the UK office, whilst the remaining 100 employees are based in offices overseas.

    As BCI Surveys can be used to measure all employees, regardless of location, all 300 employees can be surveyed. This number is greater than the minimum number of employees required for a Mid-sized company (currently 250), so for this survey, they are classed as a Mid-sized company.

    As Accreditation and List surveys can only be used to measure UK-based employees, this means that the company can only measure the 200 employees based in the UK as part of this survey. This number is less than the minimum number of employees required for a Mid-sized company, so they would be classed as a Small company for this survey.

    This is a perfectly normal scenario to be in and will not cause any issues with the system.

  • Back Office: How would a company have done if they were a different size?

    Have you ever wondered how a company would have done in a survey if they were a different size? For example, how would a mid-sized company have done if they were on the big list? Well now, your curiosities can be answered with the help of the new Company Size Conversion BCI Calculator page in Back Office.

    The new page can be found by going to Back Office -> Survey -> Reports & Tools -> Company Size Conversion BCI Calculator. The screenshot below shows what the new page looks like:

    Simply select the survey, company and the size you want to run the calculations for and press the Calculate button. Several seconds later, the company's current scores, positions, etc. will be shown on the left and the scores they would have got if they were a different size will be shown on the right for comparison.

    Please note: If, for example, the survey you select is the Accreditation/List combination and the company you select has only entered Accreditation, then the List Position and List Score values will be blank because they haven't entered the list.

  • Survey: Why is the anonymous feedback link missing from translated surveys?

    The anonymous feedback link was added to the electronic survey in 2009, and as part of the process was only requested to be included for surveys being completed in English.

    This link should only be displayed when the comments page in the survey is being viewed in English.

  • WIT: Why are Stretch Benchmarks Not Being Assigned to a Company?

    All companies who access WIT are allowed to have at least one stretch benchmark, even if they have only gone for the Basic Data package.

    Stretch Benchmarks are assigned to the company automatically when a new WIT account is created for that particular company survey. However, there may be occasions when no stretch benchmarks are assigned despite having done this.

    The most likely cause of this would be if the stretch benchmark was inactive. A benchmark is inactive if there are not enough companies making up that benchmark.

    A company cannot be assigned an inactive benchmark, and the system is not able to automatically assign an alternative benchmark, so in situations like this, an alternative benchmark will have to be assigned manually using
    Back Office -> WIT -> Rights Assignment.

  • Back Office: Improvements to the Year-on-Year Employment Group Mapping page

    On the Back Office -> Survey -> Processes -> Year-on-Year Employment Group Mapping page, the way that you choose the employment groups you wish to map has been improved.

    The big, long, confusing drop-down lists which contain all of the employment groups from a company survey have been replaced with a new multi-level control like shown below:

    They work in the same way as other similar controls in Back Office, e.g. select an employment group from level 1 and the level 2 drop-down appears, etc.

    The last selected employment group will be the one used for the mapping. In the example above, Survey 1's selected employment group is level 4 (A0R1 - East Scotland). Similarly for Survey 2.

    If, for example, you wanted to map the level 3 group, make sure that the level 3 drop-down has an employment group selected and the level 4 drop-down is left blank.

    One main thing to be aware of is that employment groups with existing mappings will still appear in the employment group selectors to be selected (previously, any that were previously mapped were removed from the drop-down). This is to make sure that you are still able to navigate down to lower levels. For example, if an employment group was removed from Level 1, and its child employment groups will no longer be accessible.

    Don't worry if you do try to map an employment group that has already been mapped, a message will appear saying that the mapping cannot be made, along with a reason as to why it cannot be mapped.

  • Nightly Routines: What parts are on their own timer?

    The Nightly Routines sending surveys method now operates on its own timer and its own thread. This means that survey sending can happen in parallel with the other processes that run.

    Note that at present it is only the survey sending routine that operates in this manner. All other parts of nightly routines operate sequentially.

    This means that the survey sending timer will not be held up by, for example, long data pack requests. However, other processes such as Sync Employment group head counts, or survey merging will be held up.

  • Contact Management: Can I add a note to an order?

    You may find that you need to add a note to an existing order an example would be if you register a customer through the registration page but their payment is deferred.

    You can do this in back office by following these steps.

    1. Find the order you wish to add a note to either in Contact management or orders
    2. At the bottom click Edit
    3. Fill in the Note field at the bottom
    4. click Save

    Your note will be visible in contact management history as well as on the order its self.

  • Back Office: How do I add premium support or full survey management for a company after they have completed registration?

    If a company has already completed registration before they request premium support, then it can make more sense to create a manual invoice following the process below.

    1. Go to the 'Manual Invoices' Page: Back Office > Survey - Processes > Ordering - Manual Invoices

    2. Select the 'Survey', 'Size' and 'Company Name' for the survey you are ordering against (The survey should be the BCI Survey).

    3. Click 'Refresh Company List', then, select the company you are ordering for from the drop-down menu. Now click 'Create'

    4. Support should have then been selected from the order items list for you and the available support types should have appeared below. Check the box for the appropriate support type e.g. 'Premium Support' and amend the price per item if needed (Quantity should always be 1 for a support order.)

    5. Click the 'Add Items button' to add this to the order.

    6. Click 'Provide Payment Details' and fill out as appropriate for the client.

    If you then look on the companies contact management page, you should see the level of support purchased against their BCI survey.

  • Back Office: How do I add additional items to an order after it has been processed?

    After a registration has been invoiced to a client a manual invoice should be created to add additional items as this will stop them from being charged multiple times for the same order.

    This can be done on the following page:
    Back Office > Survey - Processes > Ordering - Manual Invoices

    1. Select the survey/size and company that the order is to be created for

    2. You should select the order type that reflects the item you are ordering. e.g. to add 'Accreditation' to an order you should select the 'Additional Survey' order type.

    You should only select the 'Survey Registration' order type if you are creating a NEW registration for a survey.

    If you select this option when a registration order has been created for the same years process, then the items in the first registration order will be deleted.

    This also happens when selecting Survey Registration as the option in the order items list.

  • Back Office: How do I update the legal status of a company?

    Updating the legal status for a companies survey can be done on the page: Back Office > Contact Management.

    1. Go to the panel entitled 'Survey Status'

    2. Select the survey you wish to change this for in the section entitled 'Survey:'

    3. Click the 'Edit' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel.

    4. Select the required legal status in the section entitled 'Legal Status'

    5. Click the 'Save' button on the bottom right hand corner of the panel.

    Repeat as necessary for each survey.